About Us


Our flagship collection launched in 2015 with just a few customized pieces, and the positive response has overwhelmed us. We are sentimental people and we know how difficult it can be to find perfectly themed products that match our unique memories. We strive to provide a variety of customized products that will bring you happiness.

As we continue to grow, so will our inventory. Browse the WeaRecall collection to find a variety of customized products that will brighten your every day. Products with hobby, music, sports, travel, nature, awareness and cooking themes will be available soon.

Looking for something specific? Drop us a line and tell us what brings you joy - we'll add it to the ever-growing list of new ideas.


Take your love, happiness, and positive energy to the next level. We donate a portion of all proceeds to verified charities and non-profit organizations around the world. With WeaRecall, you can look great and do good.

Make the world a better place by helping everyone else tap into the same feelings of felicity.

WeaRecall celebrates all of the things that make you happy. Upgrade your accessories, inspire a smile, and spread positivity around the world!